30 Kit bag essentials

Check out the ultimate kit list – with 30 essential accessories for stalking in 2021

1 – Lady Gabby Jacket 

The Lady Gabby jacket is the female version of Deerhunter’s award-winning Pro Gamekeeper jacket. This jacket is the answer to all your autumn and winter expeditions.

The Lady Gabby jacket is an all-round performer featuring added under arm ventilation, front box pleat pockets with over flaps and two hand warmer pockets. Complete with detachable hood, Neoprene storm cuffs and adjustable drawstring bottom the Lady Gabby jacket exudes an abundance of feminine fit and style with stopping power to protect you against the elements.

RRP £199
(+45) 7422 3520

2 – Kalahari Canvas & Leather Slip 

Designed to protect your rifle while in the field or in transit, this fleece-lined canvas and tan leather rifle slip offers the highest level of protection for your scoped rifle. Its rich blue internal fleecing offers a thick protective lining against knocks and scrapes, while a leather sleeve on the interior prevents your rifle from moving.

RRP £720
John Rigby and Co
020 7720 0757 

3 – Ariat Catalyst VX Defiant 8 Gore-Tex Boot

Designed for the serious outdoor fanatic, these deluxe walking boots boast Ariat’s Cobalt VX technology offering a stable and supportive wear while the Thinsulate Ultra insulation technology maintains comfort and warmth in wet and cold weather conditions. The Catalyst VX boots are the premium performance footwear essential for extended period of outdoor activity.

RRP £300
0808 178 3309

4 – Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×50 

Whether you’re hunting roe and muntjac in dark woodland or stalking Highland reds, the lightweight, second focal plane Razor HD LHT has you covered. The stunning, high-definition optical system delivers a crystal-clear sight picture with tack-sharp resolution.

Turn every second of legal shooting light into opportunity. A push button illumination gives a daylight bright centre dot, providing a precise point-of-aim in all light conditions. The new RevStop Zero System offers easy to set, return to zero turret adjustments.

RRP £1,059
Country Sports Wholesale
01462 743 223 

5 – NM1 Hunting Lights 

Night Master’s new NM1 range of hunting lights have been developed in response to customer feedback. LEDs are now quicker and easier to change; beam focusing is done via the tail-switch and not the head of the lamp (which works well with the new QMD mount); there’s a smooth variable brightness switch, and an indicator light that notifies when the battery is low and when the light is active – ideal for when an IR LED is being used. Three models in the range include the CL, SL and XL. Available LEDs include white, red, amber, green, IR-850, IR-940, blue and UV.

NM1-CL RRP £119.95 
NM1-SL RRP  £149.95 
NM1-XL RRP £179.95
Night Master
01535 611688

6 – Leupold BX-5 Santiam

With a powerful 15x magnification, the 15x56mm BX-5 Santiam HD binoculars make identifying your target a lot easier. Built for epic adventures in harsh environments, the BX-5 Santiam HD binoculars dominate other optics in their class.

Their generous eyebox is designed for long glassing sessions with no eye-strain. The open-bridge design is comfortable and easy to carry, while the advanced prisms and Twilight Max HD Light Management System ramp up light transmission and redefine low-light performance; helping you see more in less light. 

BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm 
Shadow Grey RRP £1,750.00
BX-5 Santiam HD 8x42mm 
Grey RRP £1,250.00
Viking Arms
01423 780810

7 – Roe Sack 

A professional roe sack with a top of the range detachable waterproof lining. The body is made from very strong, rip stop material in olive colour and the straps and trimming are made from a robust bridle leather. This sack has been designed to for heavy use and to weather the toughest stalking conditions. 

RRP £485.00
Fine Shooting Accessories
01913 233 843 

8 – QMD Multi-Directional Gun Light Mount

The QMD mount is possibly the easiest-to-use multi-directional gun light mount in the world. There’s no more fiddling with mounts – simply loosen the top screw, reposition the light and then re-tighten the screw.

It’s also reversible for ambidextrous use and the radial inserts are designed to remain on your gun light until you remove them. Two radial inserts come with the mount – to fit 1-inch and 30mm gun light body tubes.

RRP £39.95
Night Master
01535 611688

9 – TLR-1 Gamespotter Gun Light

The TLR-1 features IR so it’s great for nighttime stalking. This gun-mounted tactical light features the latest C4 LED technology and provides 1.75 hours of continuous regulated run time. The TLR-1 Gamespotter also includes a shock-proof green power LED; rail clamp designed to rapidly attach/detach from side of weapon; and either standard door switch or remote door switch.  

TLR-1 Gamespotter STD RRP £172
TLR-1 Gamespotter RMT (with remote switch) RRP £245

10 – Spyderco Bow River 

This is a great new piece from world renowned knife producers Spyderco, but at a much more affordable price. Designed by custom knifemaker Phil Wilson, it is perfect for the deer stalker, with a 4.3” trailing point fixed blade in top quality 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.

The handle is made from black and grey laminate, giving the knife a striking look, and is ergonomically contoured to ensure a firm, safe grip. The Spyderco Bow River comes complete with a tough, high quality leather sheath.

RRP £49.99
Edgar Brothers
01625 613 177 

11 – Hawke Sidewinder SF scopes

Hawke Optics has launched a whole new level of feature-driven riflescope performance with the redesigned Sidewinder line. Available in First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP), every Sidewinder model has a 30mm main tube and is loaded with Hawke’s new H5 optics that bring you an ultra-wide 24° field of view.

The low-dispersion, high-grade crown glass is 18-layer multi-coated and the new design results in a significantly lighter and more robust construction than the outgoing model. All of the Sidewinder models are shock proof, waterproof and dust proof, and are fully nitrogen purged. Additionally, Sidewinder models are all-calibre rated, so they can withstand the harshest recoil.

RRP from £459.00
Hawke Optics
0345 345 5555

12 – Mountain Hunter Smock

The ultimate stalking smock, designed with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, silent magnetic closures and a full length two-way zip for easy access and ventilation. Available in Hunting Green – and ranging from 36” to 49” chest, this smock allows you to stalk your quarry quietly and without compromise. 

RRP £549.99
For more information, or to find your nearest Harkila Authorised Dealer, visit www.harkila.com

13 – Napier Power Pull Through Kit 

The Power Pull Through Kit includes everything you need to clean any .22 or .177 barrel to ensure your gun keeps shooting accurately. The kit includes a strong coated cable with a soft flexible loop, which is passed down the barrel. You attach two or three pre-cut cleaning patches and draw them through the barrel, repeating the process until all traces of fouling are removed.  

RRP £32.57 
01235 812 993 

14 – Auritech Shoting Ear Plugs 

Developed over 20 years by leading audiology experts, Auritech’s Hearing Protectors for shooting are superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs.

Precision-tuned, patented ceramic sound filters ensure maximum protection from shooting and other extreme noise activities like fireworks, yet allow you to listen clearly to surrounding conversation without a muffled effect.

Comfortable and suitable for all ages, Auritech are the ideal earplugs for all types of shooting. Auritech also offers custom moulded ear plugs for shooting. 

RRP £19.95
John Rothery
023 9224 5350 

15 – Hornady Precision Hunter

Hornady engineers have taken great care to develop superior, match-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD­-X bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic potential.

Propellants used in the Precision Hunter ammunition line are clean burning and loaded to uniform capacity for consistent shot to shot results regardless of temperature.

This attention to detail provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance uniformity for the most demanding and diverse hunting situations.

RRP from £37.00 per box of 20
Edgar Brothers
01625 613 177 

16 – Pulsar Digisight Ultra LRF 450 

The Digisight Ultra LRF 450 is designed primarily for use at night. However, even though it’s limited to a black and white picture, it also offers a daytime image that is crystal clear, making it a scope you can use around the clock. The image quality in day and night is of the highest standard and the addition of a laser rangefinder makes the already excellent Digisight Ultra 450 even more appealing to long range shooters.

SRP £1,379.95
Thomas Jacks
Call 017789 264 100 to find your local dealer 

17 – ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14×50 

ATN’s X-Sight 4K Pro gets as close as a day/night scope can to being the best of both worlds without being a compromise on either. In daylight, the colour image is crisp and clear.

In night mode, and with the IR torch switched on, it’s so good it’s almost cheating. While the X-Sight has been around for several years, this current version is a significant leap forward in terms of features, function and usability. 

RRP £1,019.99 
Highland Outdoors
0345 099 0252 


This thermal imaging optic opens a whole new world to the rifle hunter. Its ability to see heat makes it great for after-dark pest control, but the IRay Saim SCL35 can also be used by day. Even at maximum magnification the image is clear enough to be able to identify quarry and shoot with precision. It’s easy to use and delivers good, reliable performance. 

RRP £2,195
Optical Solutions
01790 751040 

19 – Howa GRS Bifrost 

The Howa Bifrost is a proven combination of stock and action – perfect for the discerning rugged stalker. With a superior hammer forged steel action, available in Blued, Cerakote or Stainless finishes, and featuring a 2-Stage HACT Trigger for light, crisp, trigger pull, the Howa Bifrost has become the go-to rifle for the serious modern hunter.

The GRS Bifrost stock is made from glass fibre reinforced composite material, the grip and forehand have a rubber surface – steady and comfortable in any type of weather. The unique GRS SpeedLock 2.0 system makes it easier to adjust the length and height of the stock, ensuring it has the adaptability to suit your needs. 

SRP from £1,101
Highland Outdoors
0345 099 0252

20 – Casstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife

One of Casström’s most versatile knives is the No.10 Swedish Forest Knife, and this one comes with a black Micarta handle, stainless steel blade and leather sheath.

This full-tang knife is great for bushcraft tasks, but dextrous enough for paunching, jointing, or breasting. The blade is 10cm long and made from 3.8mm thick Swedish knife steel, treated for hardness. 

RRP £46
01628 330 330 

21 – Zeiss DTI 3/35

This is the first thermal imaging camera Zeiss has developed for the hunting market. The ambition is to be able to clearly identify prey, even in poor light. Thoughtfully, the camera zooms in extremely fine increments, and the buttons are easily used with gloves.

Images can be live streamed via the ZEISS hunting app. Our optics expert Chris Parkin describes the DTI as one of his ‘top five’ products of the year – find out more on page 24! 

RRP from £2,650
01223 401450 

22 – Harris Bipods 

A good bipod is a stalking essential and they don’t come much better than the latest sticks from Harris Engineering. The fully adjustable legs and swivel head make this a must have, and they come in a range of sizes to suit every shooter and every rifle. Adaptors are also available for just £13.35. 

RRP: £79.35 
Hannams Reloading Ltd
01977 681639 

23 – Swarovski NL Pure

Huge, revolutionary field of view combined with ground-breaking design in premium-class binoculars – Swarovski’s new NL Pure has a sophisticated optical system embedded in incredibly compact, precise mechanics. Designed with innovative ergonomics, NL Pure offers comfortable observation thanks to the forehead rest. Available in 8×42, 10×42, and 12×42.

RRP from £2,370.00
Swarovski Optik
01737 856812 

24 – Sound Moderators 

Jackson Rifles are a one-stop shop for mods, supplying some of the biggest brands out there. We’ve pictured two of their products: first up, the Ase Utra SL5i, weighs 335-345g, adds only 103mm to the barrel length and reduces sound by 22-30dB.

Second, the A-Tec H2. The standard two-baffle version of the H2 weighs in at 345g, adding 111mm to the barrel length and with a sound reduction of 25-32 dB. Both mods are threaded for the most popular calibres.

Ase Utra RRP £268
A-Tec RRP £224
Jackson Rifles
01644 470223 

25 – Hunter Tech Rifle Case

This striking new accessories range combines ergonomic design with functionality and comfort. The styling of these accessories, with a smart ‘break-up’ pattern, is reminiscent of shotgun stock checkering. Designed for most rifles, this type of long case allows users to store the rifle without removing the optic.

RRP £114.95
01489 579999 

26 – Leica Calonox 

Leica have launched their first thermal imaging device especially for hunters: the Leica Calonox. Launched in November, the Calonox is available in two versions: as a pure observation device – Leica Calonox ‘View’ – and as a clip-on device for mounting in conjunction on a riflescope – Leica Calonox ‘Sight’. Look out for the first review of the Calonex, coming to Sporting Rifle soon! 

Leica Calonox Sight RRP £3,450.00
Leica Calonox View RRP £3,950.00
Leica Sports Optics
02076 291351

27 – Leimke Keiler 25 LRF 

This thermal optic convinces with its new 384 x 288 ceramic VOx thermal detector with a 12µm pixel pitch and temperature sensitivity of <35mK. The integrated laser rangefinder enables you to determine the distance of an object up to 600m away, with an accuracy of +/-1m.

Weighing only 320g in an extremely compact design, this handheld thermal monocular sets new standards. The manually focusable 25mm objective lens offers a field of view of 18m at 100m and a detection range of up to 1,250m. 

RRP: £2,560 (inc. 3 year warranty)
01483 917 412 

28 – Gateway 1 Pro Shooter Boots 

The Gateway 1 Pro Shooter boot has a comfortable 18-inch high calf, handmade out of layered natural rubber, and vulcanised to guarantee 100 per cent waterproofness.

The side-zip makes for an easy fit, and your feet are kept warm with the 5mm neoprene lining that has an extra 2mm air spacer that prevents condensation and circulates air in the boot.

The moulded EVA midsole features extra shock absorption underfoot, and flex channels improve roll off comfort. The 4×4 arrow deep grip outer sole offers great grip, even down to -40C! 

RRP £199.99 
01509 233 333

29 – Wicked Lights CT-1 Rekon Shooting Tripod

The Wicked Lights CT-1 Rekon Shooting Tripod system utilises the Pig Saddle mount, providing an advanced shooting specific platform tripod system which is not only extremely solid and stable, but amazingly lightweight and portable, deployable in seconds and fully adaptable to every situation, terrain or chassis system.

The Rekon CT-1 consists of four section precision carbon fibre tripod legs which can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees to 18 inches. This allows the Rekon CT-1 to be used standing, seated or prone. 

RRP £399.99
Scott Country International
01556 503 587

30 – Element Optics Nexus 5-20×50

This riflescope combines intuitive features like tool-free tactical turrets, zero stop and a removable throw lever with precision engineering to bring you the ultimate 30mm optic.

A variety of different reticle designs, in both MOA and MRAD, cater to all shooters. Simplified options are easy on the eye, while more complex designs allow experienced shooters to hold off with precision.

Element Optics have held nothing back, selecting only the very best materials, engineering teams, assembly procedures and technical inspections and you’ll realize that the moment you pick it up. 

RRP £1,334.99 
Sportsman Gun Centre  
01392 354 854

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