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This edition of ‘ask the experts’ is all about foxing, and our experts are going to solve your fox shooting queries.   Legal Question: I’ve been waiting for my firearms certificate to arrive for months now, with no joy. Is there

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Too much power?

There is an old ailment stalking the sporting rifle community. Andrew Venables describes the problem of ‘magnumitis’ – best defined as using long-range solutions for normal hunting Have you got ‘magnumitis’? I’ve had to ask myself the same question a

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NEW: The Shooting Show – Pace v Pace rabbit shooting PLUS a look forward to the CLA Game Fair

Our rabbiting mania continues as Byron and Darryl Pace grab their Anschutz rimfires and RWS subsonic ammo once more. But this is no ordinary coney control gig: it’s a brotherly rivalry. Each of the pair has one hour to shoot

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The Shooting Show – rabbit shooting special with RWS, Anschutz and Pulsar

The new episode of the Shooting Show is here! First, we’ve doubled the Pace as brothers Byron and Darryl shoulder their Anschütz rimfires stoked up with RWS subsonics, heading out to control the rabbit population on a nearby farm. Some

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ANSCHÜTZ 1770 Review

I have to declare a personal interest here: I am an unashamed fan of pretty much every one of the bolt-action rifles Anschütz has produced in the last 60 years.

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Top end .22

Lifelong Anschutz fanatic Mike Powell gets to grips with the 1710 model in .22LR

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Got your goat

Mike Powell finds the best laid plans don’t always work out – especially when there’s a goat involved

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Made for champions

Putting the fullbore rifles aside, Byron Pace takes a look at the Anschütz 1517 and is overall very pleased with what he finds

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The lit fuse

Fondly recalling his explosive youth, Mike Yardley remembers how his outdoor experiments shaped his enjoyment of the countryside and shooting

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New RUAG brands

Cornwall-based RUAG Ammotec has announced that it is now the sole UK distributor of three new companies.

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