In-depth with the Steyr Mannlicher

Stuart Wilson gets his hands on the Steyr Mannlicher CLII SX in .243 topped with a Nightforce SHV scope, and goes in-depth on it’s features! Sportsman Gun Centre were good enough to send me a Steyr Mannlicher CLII SX in

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Ask the experts

Our team of experts solves five more of your burning questions, from calibres to cleaning Technique Q: I’m looking to buy a new sling. Are there any special types I should look at? I’ve seen one with a kind of

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Nightforce NXS

Originally created for USA military application, the Nightforce range is now available to UK sporting shooters, but retains its uncompromising specification – a recent promo showed the scope retaining zero even with a bullet-sized hole in the side. At the smaller end of the range, the

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Armchair hunting

Back with his feet firmly on African soil, Byron Pace heads into the darkness with his sights set on a sheep killer

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Vulpine bid

Back in last year’s post-harvest season, Mark Nicholson takes Save the Rhino auction winner Howard Stott out on a foxing foray that ends up going well beyond all expectations.

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Test against the best

It’s priced just below the top brands, but can the Nightforce NXS compete with them? Tim Pilbeam puts this American optic through its paces, with some European glass for company

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The X factor

The Browning X-Bolt is the newest model of one of Tim Pilbeam’s favourite rifles – so his expectations are high for this versatile rifle

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Full force

Tim Pilbeam reviews the military-spec Nightforce scope with an innovative reticle, testing how it copes with the switch to a hunting application

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