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Government backs trophy hunting…for now

Michael Gove has moved to assure shooters that the UK government has no plans to ban imports from trophy hunting. Speaking in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, the environment secretary described the decision as a “delicate political balancing

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Save the rhino auction closes tomorrow!

Hurry up! It’s your last chance to bid in our auction to raise funds for Save The Rhino – bids close tomorrow on 15 March… We’re closing our 2018/19 auction for Save The Rhino International on 15 March, so if

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Save the Rhino: stalk winner report

Jim Dickson reports on a successful stalk won by Save the Rhino lot winner Terry Hoskins

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Sporting Rifle’s Save the rhino auction closes!

Sporting Rifle’s 2014-2015 auction to raise funds for Save the Rhino has now officially closed. Congratulations to all our high bidders! We will be getting in touch with the winners over the next few days to confirm receipt of the

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One finger on the trigger

Joining an anti-poaching unit in South Africa, Sporting Rifle’s Byron Pace follows the effort to protect rhino against the onslaught of poachers

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RSA backs rhino horn trade

The South African government is backing the legalisation of trade in rhino horn in an effort to stem poaching of the endangered animals. South Africa is home to 90 per cent of the world’s rhino population, and illegal killing is rising toward

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Vulpine bid

Back in last year’s post-harvest season, Mark Nicholson takes Save the Rhino auction winner Howard Stott out on a foxing foray that ends up going well beyond all expectations.

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Rhino population decline continues

The African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG) has warned that overall population numbers could begin to fall by 2015. So far this year, one rhino has been killed by poachers every 11 hours.

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