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Buck calling 101

Credit:JMrocek / Getty Images Bring them running in with Stuart Wilson’s guide to the basics of roebuck calling Watching foxes run in to a distress call when the conditions are right is very exciting, and this can prove useful all

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The Shooting Show – roe doe and buck stalking in changing seasons

The latest episode of The Shooting Show is now available! We were out filming nearly every day at the end of March and start of April, aiming to get a roe in the larder, then a roebuck. And we did

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Stalking getaway with Paul Childerley

Getting a break from the constant demands of being a gamekeeper, Paul Childerley heads out for an evening of much-needed R&R: rifle and roebucks. I set off on a sunny afternoon in May to try my luck on a roebuck and

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The March 2019 issue of Sporting Rifle is out now!

March can bring a real change in the weather, daylight hours and temperature – but the sportsman’s aims remain the same. It’s the last month of roe doe stalking, and also a crucial time to get out after foxes at night before the hours of darkness get short and the lambs arrive.

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Take Five

Can’t wait for 1 April? There’s plenty to do even before the season starts. Dominic Griffith advises there are five tasks responsible deer managers should be getting on with now

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Winter work – the doe cull

The season for roe and fallow does is shorter than that for the bucks and is necessarily further shortened through days lost to bad weather and the pressures of game shooting.

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Roe Doe Stalking: Underrated Sport

Byron Pace says that while roe doe stalking might not offer the trophies of its summer counterpart, it’s still a worthwhile enterprise with its own rewards

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Does at dusk

Sporting Rifle’s Byron Pace offers up his observations during the doe cull, and reflects on hunting with friends and family For a lot of stalkers, the end of the roebucks brings with it an immediate longing for the following season

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