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From the Archives: winter oilseed pigeon control with Geoff Garrod

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and in this week’s episode of The Shooting Show: From the Archives, we’re going back to the end of 2017 as we join Geoff on a much-needed day of winged pest control, shooting pigeons over an oilseed crop.

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ADVERTORIAL: Get ready for a summer of stalking with RUAG Ammotec UK

-Advertisement Feature- It’s a busy time for rifle shooters during the summer months; fox and pest control and the roe buck season are all now in full swing. To help get you ready, RUAG Ammotec have put together a list

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The Shooting Show – mixed bag of squirrel and fallow deer

Stuart Wilson’s got two quarry species in mind, at both ends of the size scale: grey squirrel and late-season fallow does and prickets. No, not with the same rifle – he’s selected a Ruger Precision rimfire for the tree-rats, and

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What happens when things go wrong

Not everything in a shooter’s career goes perfectly. Mike Powell admits some past mistakes and explains how he dealt with them

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MPs get free vote on fox hunting

MPs will get a free vote for the repeal of the ban on fox hunting, says Downing Street.

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