The down-under buck

April sees the beginning of the roebuck season, and as such Chris Dalton warmly welcomes an Australian client with a keen interest in roebuck stalking and management. I have found, having been an outfitter for a long time now, that you

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When not to shoot a fox

While dealing with a fox troubling the local game birds, Robert Bucknell reflects on the reasons why some people don’t deal with foxes

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Moving on?

Though maligned by some as unsporting, collective deer moving days can be ethical and effective when carried out properly, says David Barrington Barnes

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Lions of America

Ahead of a trip Stateside, Byron Pace investigates the status of the cougar – or mountain lion – which has been brought back from the brink of extinction

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Roe rut stalking tips

The roe rut isn’t always magical – half the time it’s fruitless and frustrating. Dominic Griffith unravels the mystery around this key period in the stalker’s calendar

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Thermal imaging gets more accessible thanks to the FLIR Scout TK

SPONSORED: Compact and lightweight thermal imagers gives you a clear view regardless of light conditions

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May management

Paul Childerley emphasises the virtue of selflessness as he makes the snap decision to turn down a trophy buck in favour of a cull candidate on a May stalk

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Baiting the Lens

Vital for any deer manager is getting to know the size and structure of deer numbers on your ground. John Johnson explains how to get the most accurate data from a baited camera trap survey

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Management or Predation?

Are we really managing our deer properly? John Johnson looks into the criteria we need to fulfil to be able to answer that question affirmatively

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Red Peril: Mike Powell questions whether our current fox population is secure from the influx of new shooters

For as long as man and fox have lived together there has been conflict between the two. It all started, no doubt, when early man trapped and killed the fox, along with other animals, to provide pelts for clothing. As

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