First-time roebuck hunting

First time’s the charm. Chris Dalton reports on the East Lothian couple bagging an impressive roebuck. Credit: Alexander Zackrisson / FOAP / Getty Images May is a month where I often get a number of very good heads to measure

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May management

Paul Childerley emphasises the virtue of selflessness as he makes the snap decision to turn down a trophy buck in favour of a cull candidate on a May stalk

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Major airlines ban shipment of big game trophies

Delta, United and American Airlines have banned the shipment of big-game trophies on flights. The airlines announced that they would no longer transport lion, rhinoceros, leopard, elephant or buffalo remains. They have not given official reasons for their announcements, but

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Keep Your Head

You’ve put all that effort into finally getting that trophy of a lifetime, so now you want it to last a lifetime. Mark Brackstone advises on the best methods of preparing prize heads

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BASC Trophy Measuring Service

Dominic Griffith reports on an exciting new trophy measuring alliance between BASC and Sporting Rifle, plus takes an in-depth look at last season’s recorded heads

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Small deer, great pleasure

David Barrington Barnes rescues a blank outing with an opportunistic shot on a muntjac buck that provides a welcome reminder of the benefits of good practice I felt my way into the high seat at the back of Park Wood

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The Norfolk double

Having heard mention of a large muntjac buck in the area, Simon Crook sets off to Norfolk and gets more than he had anticipated from the day’s stalk

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Viewpoint: trophy measuring

Editor Pete Carr applauds the success of the BASC trophy measuring system and suggests that CIC stick to the facts

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Editorial: National velvet

Editor-in-chief Pete Carr discusses the ethical and sporting considerations involved in shooting roebucks in velvet

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New grounds

Sporting agent Charly Green considers the increasing interest in Chinese water deer trophies from both hunters from overseas and those at home who want to complete
their British six

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