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Thomas Nissen hunts rare deer

Thomas Nissen feels privileged to accompany two hunters in the pursuit of the lesser-known hog deer, in one of the few areas in the world where you can hunt them free-range. He sees the six points just above the tall

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Hot pursuit with Thomas Nissen

Tracking buffalo in the dense West African bush isn’t easy. Thomas Nissen endures one hunt that lasts more than five hours. The print of a lion foot in the red sand of the track is not particularly clear. As we

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Gold in the snow

What’s more fun than fox calling? As Thomas Nissen finds during a hunt in Bulgaria, luring the wolf-like golden jackal might have it beaten

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How to hunt and survive in the mountains

When hunting in the mountains you are dependent on good physical condition

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High-five for Polish roebucks

Thomas Lindy Nissen accompanies Danish hunters Claus Christiansen and Rene Knutzen on a trip to Poland after roebucks, with a new accessory for the Quadpod shooting sticks on test too The four days’ trip to Poland includes six outings, and

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The Five-Shot Roebuck

Thomas Lindy Nissen eventually gets the buck – and a hard lesson in the importance of knowing your gear inside out before taking it to the field

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