The calibre hunter

Byron Pace assesses the performance of a lesser-known alternative to the .375 H&H For the last few months I have been in Africa, spending much of that time walking with some of the biggest and most dangerous animals on the

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Conservation: Facing the future

From the heart of Africa, Byron Pace catches up on the most recent news for wildlife and what that means for the future Never did I think I would find Johannesburg a tranquil place. If it wasn’t for seeing my

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Safari Surprises w/ Daryl Crimp

On a safari trip with hunting buddy Grant, Daryl Crimp remarks that Africa never gives you what you expect but always gives you a reason to return It had been a long stalk, the dust of the bushveld coating my

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Paul Childerley’s African adventure

Credit: Ruan Springorum / Getty Images Paul Childerley gets the opportunity to pursue a kudu bull, on an Eastern Cape farm where hunting is very much a family affair. On one of my video shoots abroad, I was invited to

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Daryl Crimp’s African hunt

Leading a team of three Australian hunters in Africa, Daryl Crimp encounters big cats, ancient art and a lost impala that they weren’t the first to find. A big tom leopard padded across the path in front of us, its

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Hunting in the heat

If you want safari success, says Kevin Thomas, you can’t retreat when the temperature rises – you need to keep hunting through the punishing ‘midday window’ Throughout my hunting career, be it guiding safaris or hunting for myself, I’ve observed

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The French Big Game Hunters

Hunting historian Martin Tulp covers the past hunting adventures of the French big game hunters in Africa

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In search of impala

The impala is more than a budding African hunter’s ‘starter species’ – it presents a real safari challenge, says Kevin Thomas

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The toughest track

When tracking a wounded buffalo, let caution prevail, warns Kevin Thomas

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Royal assent for hunting?

The benefits of hunting for conservation have met with acceptance from Prince William, according to the president of Botswana.

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