Results from a powder test

We put six mechanical measures through the same powder test, and come up with some surprising results. First, the six measures we will be testing here: Lee Perfect, RCBS Uniflow, Forster Bonanza Benchrest, Hornady L-N-L Bench Rest, Redding BR-30 and

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Stuart Wilson’s Lithgow combo

You can cover a good area, comfortably taking targets out to 150 yards and more Stuart Wilson sets up in his pick-up for a proper field test of the Lithgow Arms LA101 .17 HMR Synthetic Stainless, decked out with Nikko

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Round-up of rounds (part 1)

From .22 to big bores and everything in between, here’s all the ammo you need to load up your latest new rifle acquisition with, and here is part 1 of 2! Eley Subsonic The hunting round from British .22 ammo

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