50-cal consultation gets worse

The latest update on the proposed ban on .50 cals suggests that even more rifles are at risk. The proposals have been extended to include “other similar high-power, long-range rifles”, and the Home Office is also considering imposing a blanket energy limit for rifles, mooted at 10,000 ft/lb.

Though this means most sporting and hunting rifles would escape unaffected, it has the potential to end the existence of popular groups such as the Fifty Calibre Shooters Association at a stroke. Plus, there’s still no explanation of how the ban is expected to contribute to public safety.

Andrew Mercer, the chief executive of the NRA, said: “These proposals may appear to present distant threats to your own type of shooting; however they have been poorly presented, are not evidence based and, if left unchallenged, will leave a dangerous legacy for the shooting community.

“When drafting any firearms legislation a primary consideration must be to ensure that the scope of its application is clear and the rules are consistent, so that the honest citizen is not left at the mercy of inconsistent application of the law.”

The consultation ran from 14 October to 9 December. We will keep you posted on any significant changes.

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