Respond now to airgun consultation

A consultation on tightening airgun laws in England and Wales is now open. Intended to be a wide-ranging review into whether the law is fit for purpose, the consultation specifically asks for evidence from Scotland and Northern Ireland, where airguns are already licensed.

The Home Office also said it wants to know whether requirements for airgun security should be increased, and whether further measures are needed on manufacturing standards of airguns, such as requiring anti-tamper mechanisms on all guns.

BASC said it will submit a robust response that reminds the government “there is already plenty of good law to deal with those who abuse airguns.”

Chairman Peter Glenser said: “In law, airguns are classified as firearms and are subject to all the criminal provisions of the Firearms Act.

“This is no need for further law. The solution has already been identified by government as education and enforcement.” Responses are invited from the general public, and all shooters – airgunners or not – are encouraged to make their views known. You can make your response by emailing

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