It’s British Game Week 2014

Hundreds of game meat tastings and cookery demonstrations are taking place as part of British Game Week 2014.

Aimed at introducing the public to the taste of game, Great British Game Week 2014 is being run by BASC’s Taste of Game campaign and the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat campaign. It will strengthen networks of local suppliers and link them to new consumers.

Annette Cole from Taste of Game said: “Game meat is more popular than it has been for years. It is delicious. It is low in fat, high in nutrients, inexpensive and extremely versatile. It can be locally-sourced meaning food miles are minimal.

“Game meat is increasingly featuring on restaurant menus, in recipe books and on television, and is far more readily available in mainstream retailers. But we can all encourage people to give game meat a go.”

For more information and recipes and to get involved, visit or

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