Renew now or risk being left without a licence

021BASC has warned firearm certificate holders who are due to renew their certificates in 2015 to get their application in early or risk being left without a licence.

2015 is due to be one of the ‘peak years’ of licensing activity, with large numbers of certificates coming up for renewal as part of the five-year cycle. BASC has recommended that people get their applications in 12 weeks before the their current certificate expires. Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, said: “It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure their certificates are renewed. To help the police renew your certificates next year we recommend that you get your applications to them 12 weeks before the expiry of your certificate. Do not wait for police reminder letters.

“Where the police are the source of any delay a permit should always be issued as per Home Office guidance, but to avoid complications, we urge people to submit their renewals with extra time to spare.”

BASC members can call 01244 573010 for individual advice from our firearms team. More information can be found at

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