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While it’s not the biggest name in ammo, Geco is certainly a name to watch. Tim Pilbeam has the details

Unless you are from the target shooting world, Geco might not perhaps be the most well known manufacturer of ammunition to you. Geco is now a brand produced by the RUAG group, but before 2002 it was a stablemate with more well known makes such as Rottweil and RWS under the umbrella of the Dynamit Group. Geco manufactures rimfire, centrefire and shotgun ammunition, as well as airgun pellets. This year, the brand looks set to rise to greater prominence in the hunting world as it has expanded its range of centrefire hunting cartridges.

Geco now produces three types of hunting ammunition: Geco Plus, Geco Express and the existing Geco Softpoint. I’ll start with the Geco Plus, which is available in a limited range of .308, .30-06 and .300 Win Mag, designed for large game such as wild boar, red deer and elk. It is made with a strong solder joint between the projectile core and jacket. As a result, the Plus mushrooms with minimal fragmentation and has excellent penetration, even on the heaviest of game or when striking major bone tissue. The breaking points, as seen on the bullet jacket, control the deformation and ensures its integrity.

The Geco softpoint is the classic hunting bullet

The Geco Express, available in the same calibres as the Plus, enjoys a higher muzzle velocity (about 35fps more), giving it a flatter trajectory and improved energy statistics. The streamlined bullet shape is combined with the new Geco ‘Express Tip’ (polymer type material) bullet, allowing for extremely precise long distance shots. With an improved ballistic coefficient, higher velocities are maintained throughout its travel.

Finally, the Geco Softpoint, as they say, is the classic hunting bullet. Available in 17 calibres from .243 to 9.3x74R, the soft point is the all-rounder of the Geco range. Suitable for most hunting situations, from varminting to large elk, it boasts a thin jacket with deformation being initiated by the soft lead tip. The jacket controls the expansion of the lead core, giving superior knockdown performance.

For more information, contact UK importers Ruag on 01579 362319 or www.ruag.co.uk.

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