(SPONSORED) Where to shoot in the UK: The Gearach, Isle of Islay, Scotland

Islay, the famous whisky island, is also famous for its big hill red stags. The Gearach has benefited from the deer study undertaken by SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage), which identifies the increased numbers of Red deer on the Rhinns of Islay as an opportunity for visiting sportsmen and women to take advantage of the healthy numbers.

The Gearach is able to offer improved rates on its deer stalking packages for those who wish to stalk pure wild red deer in wild places. Stags and hinds are available in the forestry and glens in the heart of the Rhinns. The Gearach forest is now the perfect mature habitat, which provides five-star accommodation for the big Islay reds. The Gearach forest is the central belt of forestry, providing a corridor for the red deer who travel great distances to take advantage of the fertile farmland surrounding the forest, including the barley fields for the island’s whisky production.

Your professional guide is Mark Piper who is the owner and has many years of experience at The Gearach and hunting all over the world, including Europe, USA and Africa.

Contact Mark via The Gearach website or telephone him on 01496 850120.


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