Kenyon’s the man to back fieldsports in Somerset

David KenyonFormer BASC and BDS man David Kenyon is running for a top police job in Avon and Somerset – and says he’ll put rural issues back on the agenda if he gets in.

He’s rallying support among the fieldsports community and needs Avon and Somerset residents to back him at three regional hustings on 16 and 17 October – details of which are below.

Mr Kenyon, an avid shooter who already chairs the rural crime forum in Somerset, is one of the two final contenders to be the Conservative nominee for Police and Crime Commissioner in Avon and Somerset. The decision will be made by ‘open primary’ – which means any Avon and Somerset resident can vote as long as they attend one of the hustings. You don’t need to have any party membership or allegiance to vote – but you do need to show up. Attendance requires that you register by 14 October – you can do so by email to or by calling 01278 423110.

Hustings take place in North Petherton on the evening of 16 October, Westbury on Trym on the morning of 17 October, and Somerton on the afternoon of the same day.

If elected, Mr Kenyon promises to tackle anti-social behaviour and business break-ins – and he’ll renew the constabulary’s focus on rural crime, which he says has “dropped off the agenda” under the current regime.
“Avon and Somerset Constabulary are in trouble,” he said. “Morale is low and falling.
“I will work tirelessly to provide a long-term strategy for the force as well as tackling the current problems head on. In particular I will seek to level the playing field to ensure the rural majority are not left out in the cold when it comes to the allocation of resources.”
Alongside the obvious benefits to Somerset sportsmen, having an avowedly pro-shooting PCC could have a knock-on bonus further afield, as his position would allow him to influence the debate on firearms law and licensing on a wider scale.
“I’m pro-shooting, I’m pro-hunting – I’ll be an advocate for all shooting and country sports at a national level,” he said.

The final election takes place in May 2016 – but Kenyon needs your help to get past the primaries first. Find out more on 01278 423110 or
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4 comments on “Kenyon’s the man to back fieldsports in Somerset
  1. Paula says:

    I’ve always said the wild life killers are the people at the top judges politicians police force . Cameron will make sure another one of his scummy hunting chums gets a top job . To get backing for their sick past time of killing wild life

  2. David Corbett says:

    You say you are pro shooting and hunting.
    Can I ask you what Regiment you served in? What operations you where on and service?
    Once again another coward who likes to kill small animals but hasn’t the guts to serve your country.
    A disgrace and a coward!

  3. JonB says:

    If he wants to lobby on behalf of “field sports” he should run for election as a local MP. If he intends to use the position of police and crime commisioner to do this, it would be an abuse of power; his duty would be to uphold the law as it exists.

  4. David Marriott says:

    We need more people like him, someone who understands country issues. Well done! The Antis haven’t got a clue.

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