National police chief gives clear guidance on shooting under Covid-19 restrictions

Deputy Chief Constable Dave Orford, the national lead on firearms licensing, has provided clarity on shooting in England under the current Covid-19 guidance following concerns raised by BASC, other shooting organisations and police forces. DCC Orford says he has clarified

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FAC costs could go up…again

The government is considering raising the price of a firearms licence, just five years after the last increase. The Home Office has announced that a review of fees will take place next year, after police chiefs claimed they were subsidising

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Ask the experts: Firearms certificate process

I’ve been waiting for my firearms certificate to arrive for months now, with no joy. Is there anything I can do to speed the process along? I don’t want to irritate my firearms department and see myself put on a black list, but waiting doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

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Police set up new panel to help shooters

An advisory panel aiming to improve cooperation and communication between police firearms teams and shooting organisations has been set up by the Metropolitan Police. The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) of the Met’s firearms enquiry team will meet every six months

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NI licence fees set

Northern Ireland has agreed a new system for firearms licence fees. A figure of £98 pounds has been agreed between BASC, the department of justice, and the police. A variation will cost £30 – far less than the £89 originally

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Kenyon’s the man to back fieldsports in Somerset

Former BASC and BDS man David Kenyon is running for a top police job in Avon and Somerset

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Police to begin “unannounced” home visits

The Association of Chief Police Officers has advised police forces to up their activity concerning firearms controls and begin calling on firearms owners unannounced.

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Lincolnshire licensing goes private

Lincolnshire police is to outsource its firearms licensing process to the private sector.

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ACPO proposes licence fee increases

A paper from the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (ACPO FELWG) has proposed increasing the cost of obtaining a shotgun or firearm certificate from £50 to £93.80.

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