Kit you’ll need for foxing

If you’re on a foxing mission and you’re wondering what kit you will need, we have even more options here for you!

Starlight Archer

We’ve actually pictured not one but two Starlight NV units here: the Archer monocular mounted on to the front end of a standard day scope, and the Dragonfly IR illuminator on top.

Working together, these two can convert a standard day scope into a blisteringly powerful NV rig. As for the Archer itself, it’s designed so the reticle of your scope is viewable at night through the unit, works with interchangeable eyepieces for no loss of eye relief, and can be detached and used as a handheld spotter too.

Price: From £1,729.99
Starlight NV 
01942 884378

Lightforce Pred 9X

Capable of handling any ethical night-shooting distance, the Pred 9X offers a viewing range of more than 250 yards.

Key to the PRED9X’s extraordinary power is a high performance CRI bulb, and an innovative purpose-built reflector that, when combined with the built-in shroud, produces a tight beam that perfectly aligns with any riflescope.

Built for versatility, the PRED9X incorporates a universal scope mount and a quick release cam mechanism, so it can be used mounted or handheld.

Price: £303.99
Sportsman Gun Centre
01392 354854

Flextone FLX500

Need a fox caller for professionals? Look no further than the FLX500, which comes loaded with 100 sounds but has the capacity to store 500. So you can load your favourite calls and tailor your approach to what works on the foxes in your area.

The caller comes with a remote control with full-colour display and night mode option – so you can activate the caller from a safe distance if required (all the way out to 150 yards – perfect for fox shooting). The caller is water-resistant, boasts three speakers for maximum volume and sound quality, and comes with a shoulder strap.

Price: £180
Scott Country
01556 503587

Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable

This handheld light puts out light far further than shooting range – the top 1000-lumen model will shine out to a staggering 1039 metres! It’ll run for 3.75 hours on one battery charge at that strength; switch down to medium for twice as much life, or to low for 87 hours’ illumination that still goes out to 200 metres.

You can recharge it in two hours, it’s waterproof to 2 metres – and floats! – and that yellow finish means you won’t accidentally leave it behind in the field.

Price: £219

ICOtec Remote Callers

The ICOtec GC350 and GC500 programmable fox callers are small, durable and value for money, and feature hand-held remotes that work up to 300 yards away.

The GC350 comes pre-programmed with 24 calls for a variety of circumstances, including rabbit, fox, hare, fawn and pup, but you can add your own to expand your options.

The GC500 is also supplied with 24 calls but has the capacity to hold up to 200 of your own, and features a “favourites” shortlist making call selection simple. It also has a backlit LCD display on the remote.

Price: GC350 £150, GC500 £190

DD Optics Nightfall IR50

New to the UK, the Nightfall IR50 thermal has a shake-free 50Hz image frequency, is extremely robust and resistant to water, fog and shocks. Heat sources can be displayed in three different observation modes and can be enlarged by 2x, 3x or 4x as necessary.

With a range of up to 800m, the display shows 640×480 pixel resolution, and WiFi allows for swift transmission of images to your tablet or smartphone – plus the camera also has a video connection and a micro-USB-port and drone compatibility. You can expect six hours of battery life.

Price: £2,200
01579 362319

Minox DTC 395

Keep track of Charlie’s movements without even being out in the field – get a trail camera, such as the Minox DTC 395, which is equipped with a 2MP sensor optimised for night images, and delivers outstanding imaging with pin-sharp definition, rich contrasts and natural colour rendition.

In addition to capturing stills, the DTC 395 can record videos in full HD. The powerful infrared flash ensures reliable images in the dark as well as in unfavourable light, even at distances of over 10 metres, and is invisible to people and animals alike.

Price: £120
01494 481004

Leupold LTO Tracker 2

The latest version of the LTO Tracker handheld thermal unit boasts a beefed-up display with sharper resolution, as well as six colour palettes to choose from. It also benefits from the addition of ‘Beacon Mode’, which allows you to reset the display as temperatures change.

If you’re out foxing as night falls and find that everything’s reading as cold, just point it at a rock and activate Beacon Mode, and it adjusts so the rock shows up as warmer – and it works vice versa when the day warms up again.

Price: From £1,042
01423 780810

Heck-Pack Game Transporter

More commonly thought of as a deer stalker’s accessory, the Game Transporter is more than capable of transporting foxes too – as the photo demonstrates! If you don’t want fleas, ticks or blood in your vehicle, this piece of equipment could be the answer.

The strong structure can be attached or detached in minutes from a vehicle, with light kits available for safe night-time travel. The option to insert a box or plastic tray into the carrier will also safeguard against liquid leakage.

Price: £199 (standard size)
JMS Arms
01444 400126

LED Lenser P7 gunlight set

The P7 gunlight set has long been a popular choice among airgunners, and this new, more powerful version is sure to be appreciated by live-fire rifle shooters too.

The torch now features a 450-lumen beam with an effective distance of up to 100 metres. Other improvements include a larger switch that is easier to use when wearing gloves, a redesigned lens, and an overall lighter and more durable unit.

The set includes torch, gun mount, pressure switch, filter set, belt pouch and wrist strap.

Price: £76.95
John Rothery

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