SPONSORED – Product Pick: Pulsar Thermion XP50

A revolutionary product released in 2019, the Thermion is a thermal imaging weapon sight in a familiar day-scope format, unlike the bulky thermal units we’d been used to before.

And the Thermion XP50 sits at the very top of the range. Delivering object detection out to 1,800 metres, the XP50 pairs long-range effectiveness with a huge field of view – 12.4 degrees horizontally, maximising your chances of picking up a fox. Its 50Hz refresh rate makes for a smooth image, which is relayed to your eye via a 1024×768 AMOLED display.

You can adjust reticles, colour modes and zero profile to match your rifle and preference, and there’s also a picture-in-picture mode to display a magnified version of your target without compromising the field of view.

Using on-board WiFi and the Stream Vision App, the Thermion can connect to a smartphone or tablet for use as a secondary screen or remote control option.

Other features include transferring photos & videos, adjusting device settings, motion detection, ballistic calculations and live streaming to online platforms.

Dual-powered by an internal battery and external APS2 power source, the Thermion can start up instantly from its ‘display off’ mode, and also has an auto shutdown when it detects the rifle’s at a non-shooting angle. All of that in a package that fits standard 30mm mounts!

Price: £4,539.95
Thomas Jacks
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