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Dominic Griffith, head measurer for BASC and Sporting Rifle’s new trophy service, provides an update:

“The new service has measured more than 20 heads this past month, with an exceptional roe from Berkshire shot last May by a client of stalking guide Melvyn Poffley measuring 127 points.

“Things are going very well with the new, much improved service. We have just run a successful measuring course to increase the number of measurers and subsequent availability of measurers to the stalking public. It gives me both great pride and confidence to say that the standard of applicants’ measuring ability was very good and includes a number of credible industry species-specific notables.

“The new medals look fantastic, and the platinum classification for exceptional roe and muntjac trophies has caused quite a stir. The new measurers’ names will be announced shortly, and the new medal designs and measuring certificates and formulae will also be revealed in the near future.”

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