Costly foxes

Foxing is not for the fainthearted, but the right kit can give you just the head start you need, says Andy Malcolm

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Testing a new call

Robert Bucknell puts the Icotec GC300 remote predator call through its paces with the help of a wary fox

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Swarovski CL pocket binos

‘Small on the outside, big on the inside’ is the tagline for these new binos from the Austrian optics manufacturer, and they certainly fit that bill, folding away into compact dimensions for ease of use when stalking but boasting the optical performance of a full-size pair. They’re

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Reticle answers

With so many scopes offering long range compensation devices, Byron Pace takes a look at Swarovski’s 4A-300 reticle and the accompanying ballistic app

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If a job’s worth doing

James Marchington joins pro-foxer Gary Green on the hunt for a fox family plaguing the farmer’s chickens

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Billies in the mist

Undaunted by the less than perfect visibility, stalking guide David Virtue heads to the hills in search of a trophy wild goat for his client

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Raise me up

Perched high up and cosy in his new fox box, Robert Bucknell is accompanied by James Marchington as he tries to get fox shooting footage for The Shooting Show

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Fortuitous June

June may not be regarded as the best month for roebuck stalking, but editor Pete Carr says it’s still worth a punt as results can often be surprising

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Opening day

Editor Pete Carr looks back to last year and his first foray out after an ageing roebuck at the beginning of the season

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Get in gear

Having learned from bitter experience, Andy Malcolm discusses his stalking treasures and bids the last goodbye to all those supposed ‘good buys’

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