Venison for the masses: newly-funded supply chain in East of England

More local venison for supermarket shelvesThe Forestry Commission has established The Wild Venison Project to tackle growing deer population; harvests provide economic boost and tasty alternative.

Across the East of England, problematic numbers of deer have long caused substantial issues for landowners and farmers due to crop interference, dangerous traffic accidents and damage to woodland. The Forestry Commission have implemented a grant scheme to provide equipment for landowners to source, store and efficiently deliver a sustainable supply of venison to the consumer market.

The scheme, since its launch in 2010, has provided several economic advantages beyond pest-control: net venison sales up by £693,000, and almost 10 new jobs have been created to support the local community. Deer manager Mike Cundy, Suffolk, approves of the project: ”It’s my job to keep deer herds on land I manage to a more sustainable level while providing local game dealers with wild venison.”

This vital funding has ensured a stable wild venison supply chain and has provided the local community with new vocational opportunities.


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