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NGO Backs Return Of Hen Harriers

Photo by Andreas Trepte Plans to reintroduce hen harriers to a site on Salisbury Plain are under way, following a lengthy battle to save the bird from extinction.  The project is being co-ordinated by Natural England on behalf of DEFRA,

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Everything you need to know about the general licence issues

In the wake of the news three of the general licenses in England, which permit the taking of pest bird species including pigeons, crows and magpies, was revoked last Thursday, here is everything you need to know about general licenses

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Collaborative culls

If the doe cull seems too much for you to handle, you need to tackle it as a team exercise, says David Barrington Barnes

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Shooting is good for your health

BASC has extended an argument used by Natural England in order to highlight the potential health benefits of country sport

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Buzzard-control license rejection creates NGO concern

NGO have expressed their concern at the rejection of a buzzard-control license.

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Nest investment

Natural England has revealed it has issued a licence to a gamekeeper to allow him to remove four buzzard nests. The organisation released a document stating that it had given advice on non-lethal methods of deterring the buzzards, which included

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Something of the night

Shooting deer as darkness falls – can it be licensed, and is it ethically acceptable? David Barrington Barnes looks into this practice and anticipates the start of the roebuck season

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