Poultry panic

Mike Powell has no option but to mop up a vixen and her litter after they take to raiding a (very) nearby chicken coop Credit: wrangel / Getty Images These days I am not a great enthusiast of shooting lactating

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Little and large

Mark Ripley finds that size matters as he pursues a big, bold fox that’s been terrorising chickens Credit:S McGrath / Getty Images The call that came early one wet and cold Saturday morning was a familiar one from a farmer

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The early bird gets the fox

Mark Ripley rises early to maximise his fox-shooting opportunities on some new ground after a snow fall. Credit: DEA / ALBERT CEOLAN / Contributor / Getty Images I woke up thinking I’d slept through my 4am alarm but in actual

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Dismal December

This time of year can offer terrible weather in all its forms, but there’s no excuse for not getting out there, says David Barrington Barnes. Credit: Boris Roessler / Contributor / Getty Images By the time I picked out the

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A look at conservation efforts

Having the opportunity to see work on the ground, Byron Pace gives us an account of efforts to save pangolin in South Africa. These days I seem to do most of my writing at altitude, as indeed is the case

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Unique Double

A South Pacific fallow hunt in New Zealand took an unexpected turn for Thomas Lindy and Jens Kjaer Knudsen. For a couple of years now, I have worked on a project as a photographer for Jens Kjaer Knudsen on his

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What happens when things go wrong

Not everything in a shooter’s career goes perfectly. Mike Powell admits some past mistakes and explains how he dealt with them

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Poultry Effort

Fox shooting is a sport and a way of life for Gary Green, but it’s also a big responsibility. One of his customers is a free-range poultry farm that supplies many of London’s most famous restaurants. It’s where Gary built his luxurious fox box – basically a garden shed with a wide opening to shoot from, on top of a shipping container.

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