Seasonal success

Mike Powell’s masterclass on how to make the most of the various foxing methods available in late summer and autumn

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NEW! The Shooting Show – rabbits and rats with the ATN X Sight

Byron Pace gets his hands on a unique bit of night-shooting technology, the ATN X Sight. This is an all-in-one day-and-night scope with a price tag it’s impossible to beat. But is it really any good? Taking it through the

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Red Peril: Mike Powell questions whether our current fox population is secure from the influx of new shooters

For as long as man and fox have lived together there has been conflict between the two. It all started, no doubt, when early man trapped and killed the fox, along with other animals, to provide pelts for clothing. As

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General Licence under scrutiny

Shooting organisations are calling for all shooters to pull together to protect the General Licence in England.

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Muntjac management

Simon Barr joins deer specialist Richard Scrope to control the local muntjac population and gets a look at one of the country’s most spectacular trophy rooms on the way

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