May management

Paul Childerley emphasises the virtue of selflessness as he makes the snap decision to turn down a trophy buck in favour of a cull candidate on a May stalk

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Challenge Childerley

Armed with the new Zeiss Conquest V6 riflescope, Paul Childerley sets himself the ultimate stalking task: Four species, three estates, one day

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Plan B – for Billy

Frustrated in his attempts to hunt red stags while in Scotland, Paul Childerley turns his attention to feral goats – and bags a Galloway billy for his efforts I’ve always wanted to hunt the Scottish red stag in the rut

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Bested by a Buck

Recalling some of this year’s stalks, David Barrington Barnes takes the bucks with the bogs and looks ahead to a flourishing June

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Beware of the Turncoats

Trophy measurer Dominic Griffith discusses the best ways to identify suitable cull bucks, but there’s always a few exceptions to the rules

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Roebuck fever

Not everything goes to plan, even when you’re Chris Dalton. Here Chris relates a story of a May roebuck hunt in which nerves got the better of his client… As I have said many times before, I enjoy all the

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Grasping at nettles

With years of stalking experience, David Barrington Barnes has a wealth of success stories to tell – but also knows how easy it is to make a mistake and come home empty handed

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Opening day: Editor in chief Pete Carr starts the roebuck season

The opening of the UK’s roebuck season is always a special occasion for me. I can only describe it as that Christmas-day sensation that was a familiar feeling to most of us during childhood. But enough of the soft-centred sentiment.

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Hybrid endeavour

Jason Doyle recounts one of his most memorable stalks on his patch in County Wicklow – not for sika or red, but for a cross of the two species As a stalking guide, the opportunities I get to grass a

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NEW! The Shooting Show – red stag stalking at the start of the rut

Few experiences beat hearing the magical sound of stags in the roar for the first time – so we’ve tracked down someone who’s never heard them before. Andy Powell is a keen shooter but novice hill-stalker – we deck him

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