Patience is a virtue

As an experienced fox controller, I’ve probably got every piece of kit that a foxer could ever want. During my time fox shooting, I’ve amassed so much equipment to help me in my chosen trade I often wonder how I ever managed to shoot foxes in the past.

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SpyPoint Universal Game Caller Kit

A necessity for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Foxes aren’t what they used to be

Foxes are getting cleverer, says foxing expert Robert Bucknell – but so are fox shooters

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Product focus: Tasco Off Trail binoculars

These great value binos are perfect for a first-time stalker – or, appropriately for the time of year, as a gift item

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Clearing your throat

Has your accuracy gone to pieces all of a sudden? Don’t panic, says Robert Bucknell, it may be a question of internal wear and tear

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