Best scopes for rimfire rifles 2020

Mike Powell presents his best scopes for rimfire rifles this year. 1 – Hawke Airmax 3-12×50 30SF Hawke Airmax 3-12×50 30SF Without a doubt the maker of scopes that have always been very much to the fore when it comes

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Top 10 best scopes for foxing 2020

Mark Ripley presents his top 10 picks for the best scopes for foxing this year. 10 – Hawke Frontier SF 5-20×50 IR Hawke Frontier SF 5-20×50 IR Hawke scopes have always been in my mind a very under rated brand

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Can self-isolation affect your FAC? Find out in Ask the Experts

Our experts solve more of your burning questions, including how self-isolation can impact your FAC. Legal: Stuart Farr Lawyer specialising in shooting sports Foxing: Mike Powell Professional gamekeeper and foxing expertOptics: Chris Parkin Target sports journalist and optics reviewerOur experts

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Fox control in springtime with Mark Ripley

With the days getting longer, Mark Ripley explains that his springtime fox control has already started in earnest. Credit: LockieCurrie / Getty Images Spring is by far my busiest time of the year for fox control, as the majority of

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Deer Hunting: Unexpected Results w/ Chris Dalton

When it comes to deer hunting, June is often a quieter month on the roe front for us; in fact it’s quieter in general. Credit: James Warwick / Getty Images This isn’t because we have less deer hunting enquiries but

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Sunshine stalking

David Barrington Barnes admits that British summers may not all be about soaring temperatures, but rain or shine, the key to grassing deer is getting out there. One morning last summer I took out Stuart, an Australian stalker. At home,

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The future of land management

Mike Powell reflects on the impact that ‘townies’ could have on the future of land management. I suppose it was almost inevitable! Going back about a year I lost a patch of ground I had shot over for half a

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Hunting knife technique: Tips from an expert

There’s a knack to working with a hunting knife. David Barrington Barnes has some top technique tips to avoid a trip to A&E It all happened so quickly! Our stalker friend – who shall remain nameless – was gralloching two

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Lead-shot ban: The impact on rifle shooting

The lead-shot debate will soon impact rifle ammo – Byron Pace suggests informed research to get ahead of the game. Without question, the most hotly debated topic in the last couple of weeks has been the use of lead ammunition in the

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First-time roebuck hunting

First time’s the charm. Chris Dalton reports on the East Lothian couple bagging an impressive roebuck. Credit: Alexander Zackrisson / FOAP / Getty Images May is a month where I often get a number of very good heads to measure

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