Chris Parkin tests the Mars 4 from ATN

Chris Parkin hopes for an otherworldly performance he assesses the newest thermal imager from ATN, the Mars 4 The ATN Mars 4 has looks similar to its NV sibling, the X-Sight, except for the reflective silver sheen to the 47mm

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Happy days on the hill

David Barrington Barnes writes in praise of hill stalkers, those hardy types who put up with everything in the name of giving the visiting rifle a true Highland experience On receiving instructions to take a guest of unpromising appearance to

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Living the high life

Mark Ripley gets crafty and shows you how to build a high seat of your own Shooting from a high seat not only gives you a better view out of the usual line of sight of your quarry, it also

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Deer dogs: The suitability test

Rudi van Kets puts a new crop of deer dogs through their paces on a new test devised by his tracking group The suitability test our tracking dog association runs is based on the national recognised test for tracking dogs.

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Foxing: going the distance

Want to become a long-range foxer – or just test your rifle set-up to its very limit? Mark Ripley shows you the basics of long-range shooting How do you get started in long-range shooting? That’s a question I often get

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Will O’Meara’s skills in practice

Will O’Meara puts his training to use in his first PRS competition and learns some valuable lessons that can translate into hunting knowhow To compete in some Precision Rifle Competitions was a goal for this year, but due to a

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Pete Carr’s ultimate challenge

Pete Carr takes on what must be the most difficult sporting endeavour the Highlands have to offer: the Macnab Credit: Dgwildlife / iStock / Getty Images Plus I have spent a significant part of my shooting career north of the

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Conservation: Facing the future

From the heart of Africa, Byron Pace catches up on the most recent news for wildlife and what that means for the future Never did I think I would find Johannesburg a tranquil place. If it wasn’t for seeing my

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Field foxing

Robert Bucknell awaits the arrival of the harvest as the foxes continue to evade him in the high cover Credit:Kevin Pronnecke / Getty Images I’ve still very few foxes to report but it’s been quite a year for squirrels, as

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What’s the best foxing calibre?

From .17 to .243, Mike Powell lines up the options to find out which best suits different foxing situations L-R: .22 airgun, .17 HMR, .17 Hornet, .223 Rem, .243 Win Two questions I see crop up time and time again

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