Applying for your DSC2, with advice from Chris Dalton

You’ve got your DSC1 – now it’s time for the DSC2. Chris Dalton explains the steps involved in the application and why you shouldn’t be daunted. June is a relatively quiet month for the stalking team. That said, we do

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The heat of the night

Credit: Richard Spiller / EyeEm / Getty Images In between foxing outings, Robert Bucknell remarks on how to get the most out of thermal imaging and how this technology has opened up a whole new world. Once again there’s little

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The night shift

Credit: Dgwildlife / Getty Images With lamb attacks increasing, Mark Ripley and two fellow shooters plan to hit the foxes hard over one long night… As was usual for the springtime, my shooting mate Gary and I were busy on

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The allotment buck

Credit: JMrocek / Getty Images Editor-in-chief Pete Carr looks at the unpredictable month of April in roe stalking terms and relates an April stalking anecdote from the beginning of the 2018 season The first day of April may be a

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Ask the experts

Our team of experts solves five more of your burning questions, from calibres to cleaning Technique Q: I’m looking to buy a new sling. Are there any special types I should look at? I’ve seen one with a kind of

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Having a positive environmental impact

Giving some thought to where you take the 4×4 is just one way you can reduce your footprint Shooters pride themselves as being custodians of the environment, and that means a lot more than just shooting the right animals, says

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Fast foxing with Mike Powell

Patrolling the fields to keep the lambs safe, Mike Powell experiences a number of quickfire foxing encounters – and a bonus buck too. As the year drifted into May, reports started coming in of foxes taking poultry. The growing cubs

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The off-season with David Barrington Barnes

The off-season for fallow is short, but it provides plenty of opportunities for the stalker to get ahead of the game, says David Barrington Barnes. It’s only in May, June and July – the close season for fallow deer –

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Hungary buck fever

Daryl Crimp finds himself praying to the goddess Diana on a four-day roebuck hunt in Hungary. We bobbed along in a frozen ocean. A golden sea of sunflowers bordered by a foamy swathe of maize. The troughs and gullies were

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Tipping the scales with David Barrington Barnes

David Barrington Barnes considers how the odds are stacked against firearms certificate holders on a number of issues, from mental health to domestic disputes. A couple of months ago, I promised to revisit this topic and I will start by

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